Fernando Romero: Executive Director, BIA Accredited 

Fernando is the Director for the PEOC since January 2015. He has an extensive background and experience in community organizing on immigrant rights and workers rights. Fernando lived in the United States as an undocumented immigrant for 21 years since the age of 8. As of August 2015, he is accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to conduct document preparation and at low-cost for immigration benefits  He was the Coordinator for the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice from 2011 to 2015 where some of the most prominent work was that of the crisis of the Migrant Children and Families in Murrieta, CA during July 2014. As an undocumented student at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), he studied creative writing and journalism and was a co-founder of FUEL, the first AB 540 support group at CSULB, co-founder of the independent, on-campus publication focused on Latina/Latino students El Reflejo and the video blog project Dreamers Adrift. Contact E-mail

Eddie Gonzalez: Inland Empire and Workers’ Organizer
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez, IE and Workers Organizer

Eddie is the Inland Empire and Workers’ Organizer at the PEOC. He has been active with the PEOC as the workers’ organizer since 2008 Eddie has extensive experience in union organizing with SEIU and empowering youth to make positive changes in their lives with the Los Angeles City Commission for Children, Youth and their Families. He graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills University with a degree in Sociology. He oversees the organizing work in Pomona and the Inland Empire.  He coordinates the CLEAR Women Workers’ Program at PEOC and the Fernando Pedraza Community Coalition in Rancho Cucamonga. He also facilitates job skills trainings, leadership development workshops, health and safety trainings and works with the volunteers from various colleges in the region. Contact E-mail:

Benjamin Wood: Community Organizer. BIA Accredited
Benjamin Wood, Community Organizer
Benjamin Wood, Community Organizer

After majoring in languages at UCSB, Benjamin returned for a Master’s in Education and his teaching credential. While at Santa Barbara, he became involved in the grassroots organization PUEBLO, ultimately serving on board of directors. He returned to his Inland Empire community to teach high school and eventually transitioned to a career in community organizing, at first with a faith-based organization. He transitioned into PEOC in 2012. Benjamin’s activities as community organizer include AB 60 study sessions, coordinate and facilitate meetings with collaborative partners, hold leadership trainings for members and leaders, and create civic engagement opportunities for our leaders to advance different campaigns. As of August 2015, Benjamin Wood is accredited by the BIA to conduct document preparation at low-cost for immigration benefits. Contact E-mail:

Javier Garcia: Day Laborer and Jobs Coordinator
Javier Garcia, Day Laborer Coordinator
Javier Garcia, Day Laborer Coordinator

Javier is the Day Laborer Coordinator at the PEOC. Javier understands the immigrant struggle. Living in the shadows for over 15 years, he empathizes with working class people, especially those who have given up their birth place and adopted this country as their own. He knows what it is to be stigmatized in a strange land. Javier’s beliefs and values revolve around making a difference and utilizing his various skills and passions to brighten the future for all those that strive to better their lives. Contact E-Mail:

Jose DiazIndependent Consultant/Community Organizer
Jose Diaz, Independent Consultant

Jose was originally a day laborer with the Center. He has risen through the ranks of the PEOC workers leadership and has been a valuable asset to the work of the PEOC. He conducts community organizing, grassroots leadership development and has led AB 60 study circles since October 2014 and has supported in facilitating the PEOC leadership curriculum via Leadership Schools since 2012. He works for  the PEOC on a part-time basis an a consultant. Jose is also on the Board of Directors for our sister organization, Latina/Latino Roundtable and he is also a commissioner for the City of Pomona on the City Life Commission.

Mariela Martinez Bookkeeper 
DSC04150 (2)
PEOC Book keeper

Mariela  is the Bookkeeper at the PEOC and has been in that position since 2005 to present. She has a Master’s degree in accounting from the Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit (Nayarit University). She works for the PEOC on a part-time basis and has been with PEOC for over 10 years. She is also a full-time accountant at PMS in West Covina, CA.








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