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  1. patricia leon

    Dear: Pomona Economic Opp Center

    Thank you for taking the time to read my email. My name is Patricia Leon I am a full time care giver to my Mother who is disabled, her name is Micaela Leon . I’m not sure if you can help us however I’m reaching out in hopes that you can.

    She is in need of help in her home, it is just her and I and I’m overwhelmed with what needs to be repaired/changed/modified in her home to keep her safe “fall prevention” much less understanding what she needs and how to make the best choices for her.

    I am reaching out to your organization in hopes that you can help us, my mother is on a very limited income and is not eligible for a City Loan, she also debt. I do not work I stay home with her to care for all her needs. My mother has poor balance and a form of Dementia along with several illness.

    We only have each other and as I said I’m so overwhelmed with what she needs to keep her safe in her home . If you can please help me with direction and any help that maybe available to us.

    I have written and contacted several different agency and its seems no one can help, please help. Do you have any sliding scale programs for help?

    Thank you,

    Patricia Leon
    2136 Walnut Crk Pkwy
    West Covina, Ca 91791
    (626) 967-9780 (home)
    (626) 695-4283 (ce

    • PEOC


      thank you for reaching out to us.
      What type of services are you looking for? Our workers unfortunately don’t routinely provide in-house living assistance unless it’s rare occasions. If possible, we’d like to help.
      we’d like to be able to help you and provide these services for you.
      Please feel free to call us at 909 397 4215 between 7 AM and 3 PM Monday thru Saturday to coordinate workers for you.
      thank you

      – PEOC Staff

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