PEOC Statement on Pomona Fairplex Housing for Migrant Children

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For Immediate Release:  April 9, 2021

Contact: English/Español

PEOC Executive Director, Fernando Romero

office # (909) 397 – 4215;

Pomona Fairplex to House Unaccompanied Migrant Children

The Fairplex is set to temporarily house and support with transitional needs of unaccompanied minors.

Pomona, CA — On Friday, April, 09 Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis announced that the Pomona Fairplex will serve as a temporary site for unaccompanied migrant children currently seeking family reunification in the US.

The Pomona Fairplex will become the second site in the County to temporarily house unaccompanied minors after the Long Beach Convention Center was also announced as a temporary shelter earlier in the week.

As PEOC, we echo the sentiment expressed by Supervisor Solis that LA County and the City of Pomona is and will continue to be a welcoming place for immigrants. This initiative is a step forward to reunite migrant children with family members and loved ones.

As we engage with our local officials and agencies, we look forward to working together to ensure that this temporary shelter at the Fairplex does not become an extension of immigration detention facilities. We look forward to engaging and ensure that this temporary shelter for minors provides humane treatment, due process and expedient reunification process with loved ones and family members.

We look forward to supporting in family reunification for migrant children being processed at the Fairplex. We support and welcome all immigrants, but we need a plan that focuses on reuniting these children with their families. We also need to ensure the plan includes efforts to provide safety and security for families.

We can no longer accept the band aid emergency response of the past. We must work towards creating real systems and alternatives that allow us to go beyond and treat these children and all immigrants as human beings.


17 thoughts on “PEOC Statement on Pomona Fairplex Housing for Migrant Children

  1. How can I help? I’ve had tears and rage over this. I’ve been in touch with a friend who works with this organization to quickly and safety reunite families. She and her husband fostered a young boy for nearly a year until his father was able to come to the US. Thank you. Transparency is also important and community leaders need to have regular access to the site and be able to report back to the community. The children need to see and/or contact their families here in the US and be able to talk to family in Mexico. A good friend is very involved in this organization that quickly and safety reunites children. She and her husband fostered a young boy for nearly a year until his father was able to come to the US. I am in touch with her.

  2. I am also looking to volunteer if that’s possible. I was thinking of ways to help and then it was announced some children were coming near me. Please let us know if they are accepting volunteers.

  3. I would like to volunteer some of opportunities to work with the children and families I am bilingual living at ranchocucamonga va.

  4. I am looking to volunteer with the children and families if there are opportunities available at the Pomona fairplex. Previous caregiver and some college in Education.

  5. I’m a retired English Teacher with limited proficiency in Spanish. My wife is a retired teaching assistant fluent in Spanish. We’d like to help in some way.

  6. I would like to volunteer my time
    with the children’s and family in Pomona. Though I am not bilingual I am experienced in caregiving and have had some courses in education.

  7. I am interested in volunteering this weekend – my husband and I can help in Saturday and Sunday. I am a licensed speech and language pathologist and can offer my services in that capacity as well. Thank you

  8. I would love to assist in this situation with the children. Is there any way I can volunteer? Please let me know. I’m us citizen and Bilingual English-Spanish certified by the LA County. Currently employed in DCFS department but not a Social Worker. Thanks.

  9. My husband and I live near the Pomona Fairplex. We have 2 young kids of our own and we are bilingual. We would love to know how we can be of help to these young kids. Please let us know where and how we can volunteer. I am also a Licensed Therapist.

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