Join us at our 20th Anniversary Gala
Saturday, Sept. 29
5 PM to 9 PM
585 E. Holt Avenue
Pomona, CA 91767
Tickets are $50 include dinner, live music and much more!

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Celebrating 20 years of triumphs and worker justice and immigrant justice!

Join us as we celebrate 20 years of excellence and work for the immigrant community in Pomona and the Inland Empire. Join us as we embark on many more years to come of commitment, of justice, worker empowerment and immigrant justice.
Donate and support the work of the PEOC. Now more than ever, the best way to support our workers and our immigrant community is by providing direct support via donations.
Become a member. The PEOC membership gives access to PEOC trainings, events and workshops as well our Rapid Response Hotline. Most importantly, it provides solidarity, support and sustains the work in the community. We are all PEOC.
Join our campaign work to uphold low-wage workers’ rights, tenant rights and immigrant rights at local, state and federal level. Together we can work for a better quality of life for our community.
Thank you and cheers to many more years to come!

Celebrando 20 años de trabajo, empoderamiento y justicia en la comunidad

Favor de acompañarnos a celebrar 20 años de excelencia y trabajo para la comunidad inmigrante en Pomona y el Inland Empire. Acompañanos mientras embarcamos en muchos años más de compromiso, justicia, empoderamiento laboral para trabajadoras/trabajadores y justicia de inmigrantes.
Done y apoye el trabajo del PEOC. Ahora más que nunca, la mejor manera de apoyar a nuestra comunidad de inmigrantes es brindando apoyo directo a través de donaciones.
Conviértete en socia/socia. La membresía PEOC da acceso a entrenamientos Centro Jornalero, eventos y talleres, así como a nuestra Línea Directa de Respuesta Imediata. Lo más importante es que brinda solidaridad, apoyo y sostiene el trabajo en la comunidad.
Únase a nuestro trabajo de campaña para defender los derechos de los trabajadores de bajos recursos, derechos de los inquilinos y los derechos de los inmigrantes a nivel local, estatal y federal. Juntos podemos luchar por una mejor calidad de vida para nuestra comunidad.
Gracias por todo y por muchos años más!

With your generous support, we will be able to help day laborers, domestic workers and other low-wage workers not only find safe and secure employment, but also to work towards a brighter future for themselves and their families with programs in labor development and enforcement, immigration document preparation, naturalization preparation such as US government and civics, English as a Second Language, tenants rights, occupational health and safety training, job placement, job development, workers’ rights and immigrant rights.
Along with our standard programs, this year we will work on the successful implementation of the new Women Workers’ Program, the implementation of a program for naturalization and other immigration services and benefits, the inclusion of more of our community members into our programs, and safer and higher wage jobs for immigrant workers in Pomona and the Inland Empire.
You can make your donation online using PayPal on our website at or by mailing your check to P.O. Box 2496, Pomona, CA. 91766.
Your gift is tax deductible and will allow the PEOC to continue in strengthening our work and our community. For more information, please contact us at (909) 397-4215 or
Thank you so much for your support! With your support we will be able to continue to transform the community and empowering working people in our region.


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