Suzanne Foster is the Executive Director of the PEOC and oversees the organization’s work in Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, and the Inland Empire.  She was hired as the ED in 2007.  She began working with the Center in 1999 as a volunteer when she was a student at Pitzer College.  Suzanne and other students at that time started the ESL program at the Center, which continues to this day.  She was Vice President of the PEOC Board from 2000-2001.  She has a Masters in Urban Planning from UCLA with an emphasis in Community Economic Development and previously managed a day laborer program in Los Angeles where she oversaw 6 day labor centers and 3 day laborer corners.  She has extensive experience in program management, grant writing, and coalition-building.  She has been active in the day laborer movement for nearly 11 years.

Juan Medina is the Lead Coordinator at the PEOC.  He was once a day laborer in Pomona and became a leader of the worker committee at the Center in 2001.  He was then hired on as a part-time health coordinator in 2002 and was promoted to a full-time coordinator position thereafter.  Juan manages the daily operations of the Center and distributes the employment opportunities according to the list.  He is very knowledgeable about each worker’s skills and the needs of the employers.  He coordinates the Center’s annual events, assists in the facilitation of the weekly worker meetings, and represents the center at local community meetings.  He is active with the Latino Chamber of Commerce, the Latino/a Roundtable, and the Pomona Habla Coalition.

Eddie Gonzalez is a Day Laborer Organizer at the PEOC.  Eddie has extensive experience in union organizing with SEIU and empowering youth to make positive changes in their lives with the LA Commission for Children, Youth and their Families.  He graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills with a degree in Sociology.   He oversees the organizing work in Pomona and the Inland Empire.  He coordinates the Fernando Pedraza Community Coalition in Rancho Cucamonga, facilitates leadership development workshops, and works with the day laborer soccer teams.

Mariela Martinez is the Bookkeeper at the PEOC.  She works for the Center on a part-time basis.

Board of Directors:

John Nolte is the Chair of the Board of Directors.  He is a lawyer residing in Pomona who specializes in legal support for children and parents receiving special education services in the public school system.  He was a legal fellow at Uncommon Good, a non-profit organization in Claremont, where he advocated for tenants’ rights.  He has been on the Board for six years and has been Chair for four years.

Jose Calderon is the Secretary of the Board.  He is one of the founders of the PEOC and helped organize the day laborers into the Center in 1998.  He is a Professor of Sociology and Chicano/a Studies at Pitzer College.  He designed the partnership between Pitzer College and the PEOC, which began as early as 1999.  He is a prominent and recognized advocate for day laborer and immigrant rights in the region and the country.  He has written many articles on day laborers and the Center and is a valuable resource for information and history about day laborers, immigrant organizing, and the Center itself.

Miguel Caballero is the Treasurer of the Board.  He is a managing lawyer at the Herbert Hafif Law Firm in Claremont.  He has extensive experience in immigrant worker organizing, union organizing, and legal advocacy for workers’ rights in the workplace.  He worked with an immigrant worker collaborative and is a resource for immigrant organizing history in Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.

Francisco Suarez is a Member of the Board. He is a founding member, and helped start the organization in 1998.  He is a prominent criminal defense lawyer in Pomona.

Additionally, several workers are part of the Worker Board.  They are elected by the workers at the Monday meetings, typically once a year or as needed.

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