Board of Directors

Miguel Caballero, Esq. 

President of the Board (2003 - present)

Miguel is a lawyer partner at law firm Perez & Caballero based in Los Angeles, CA.  He has extensive experience in immigrant worker organizing, union organizing, and legal advocacy for workers’ rights in the workplace and immigrant rights.  He worked with an immigrant worker collaborative and is a resource for immigrant organizing history in Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.


Francisco Suarez, Esq. 

Board of Directors (1998 - present)

Francisco is a founding Member of the PEOC Board.  He is a prominent criminal defense, civil law and civil rights lawyer in
Pomona. With over 28 years of experience, Francisco was a Reginald Heber Smith Community Lawyer Fellow and has worked with Pomona Legal Services. He has also worked with Los Angeles Center for Law & Justice. He assisted the PEOC in the past at times to cease police harassment of day laborers in Pomona, CA.


Andrea Moreno

Secretary of Board of Directors (2019 - present)

Andrea is the Deputy District Director for Supervisor Hilda Solis. Working out of the El Monte District Office, she oversees community outreach and support to the community at large in the San Gabriel Valley.




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  1. Hello I am Lacey Soto. I am a student Pastor at UrbanMission Pomona, and a student at Claremont School of Theology. I am growing more and more interested in joing the cause of immigrant worker, and families. I am currently trying to put together a white paper on immigrant demographics as well as identify some of the issues that immigrants in Pomona face. If you have some information that could be helpful in this respect or are interested in partnering in future events, I would we thrilled to start some conversation.

    Also, I would really like to get in touch with Dr. Martha Bárcenas-Mooradian. If you could pass on my contact information to her as well, I would appreciate it. Lacey Soto 805-458-4799

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