In Murrieta, it’s Immigrants Helping Immigrants by Fusion

The small city of Murrieta became big news last week when Mayor Alan Long called a press conference to warn residents that Border Patrol would be busing 150 undocumented immigrants into the city to ease the strain on overflowing facilities elsewhere.


Noticias Estrella TV Centro de Jornaleros


The following video was produced by the Center and covers a series of Border Patrol raids in the Inland Empire area:


A  video of the reason why the center was started and its mission

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  1. Hola Companeros!

    Me da mucho gusto de su continua labor y esfuerzos por defender los derechos de nuestros hermanos Jornaleros.

    Saludos a todos! los extrano y los tengo simpre presentes en mis humildes oraciones.


    Con el pueblo que camina y lucha,
    Roberto Corona

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