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Women’s Worker Program Launches

Original Article Here by David Ortega found in Pomona Proud

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Last year, city leaders approved giving $25,000 to the Pomona Economics Opportunity Center (PEOC) to fund two programs. One of the programs given funding is to help women get work. Just over a week ago, the program launched.

The program was first described as “a long-time dream of the center.” The councilman, John Nolte, said the program would help the local economy and residents. The program was also described to “grown and develop based on the talents and skills of the women and the women who become leaders.”

Now, the program is fulfilling all expectations. It is the first time in history that the PEOC expands to serving women workers as well as men. It is also the first program of its kind in the Pomona Valley.

The purpose of the program is to provide job opportunities and economic sustainability to hard-working women. The program provides trustworthy workers at fair prices. It will also provide job training, health and safety workshops, and other sources to empower women workers. Services currently provided are:

  • House cleaning

  • Move-out cleaning

  • Floor mopping & waxing

  • Closet organizing

  • Laundry duties

The program is already working to offer more services like:

  • Child care

  • Catering

  • Food preparation

  • Clerical services

Claudia Bedolla, a community leader and PEOC Women Workers’ Program participant said, “From this women’s program I hope to have the opportunity to work and help my husband to keep our home. But also hope to have a place where I can receive training in different areas like, personal finances and both professional and personal development. It is said that the garment that a woman should always carry with her is confidence and trust in her. I believe in this woman’s program and PEOC to achieve a better future for my family.”

The Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC) is a non-profit day laborer center and organization that was founded in 1998. It first centered on male workers, but has now expanded to serve hard-working women. The PEOC works to provide resources for the low-wage workforce, economic justice, fair wages, and wage theft support.

To hire a worker, call (909) 397-4215 or email For more information you can visit

The center runs Monday-Saturday 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. It is located in the parking lot of HD Supply at:

1682 W. Mission Blvd. Pomona, CA 91766

Cruz Martinez and Adriana Chavira on the job

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